Boots & Bandages

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    Bandage Fillers – Plain

    Bandage Fillers – Plain : are available in black. They Come in a set of four. These are Perfect for support of legs and warmth at night. Stable Bandages, or work bandages! quality and comfort at its...

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    Bandages Fleece

    Fleece Bandages are available in Blue, Green, Burgundy, Pink, Navy, Black, Brown, White, Purple, Light Blue and...

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    Bandages Half Elastic Half Fleece

    Bandages available in Black or White – half fleece and half elastic.  They come in a pack of 4 in a clear zipper bag for...

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    Cold Water Boots are full of micro-crystals which turn into a gel when they are soaked in water. The boot is designed in a way which allows the horse to walk around whilst having the boot on. These boots are used to reduce swelling, cooling tendons after exercise or treating injuries. Boots should be soaked in cold water and for extra cold treatment, the boots can be placed in ice, ice water or even the fridge. Never freeze these boots. Cold Water Boots should not be used for longer than 20 minutes. When used for injury, these boots can be used up to 6-7 times a...

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    Magnetic Boots

    Blue Steel Magnetic Boots – these come in a set of two. Magnet Strength – 600 Gauss Super quality – So good for your horses...

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    Medicine Boots

    Durable neoprene medicine boots come in a set of two. Used for both Front and Hind. Provides tendon, fetlock, suspensory and ligament support. Cold Water Machine Washable and allow to air dry. Colour:...

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    Over Reach Boots No Turn

    Over Reach Boots No Turn : No Turn overreach boot with ballistic outer and soft padded lining. Soft no turn knob to prevent boot from turning. Perfect for competition, training and paddock use. Cold water Machine washable – air dry. Also available in neoprene however without no turn...

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    Over Reach Eazy Boot

    Boots are durable, comfortable and affordable. They Have a double velcro fastening to ensure the boot does not fall off. Colour: Black and...

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    Trucking Boots

    Protective Trucking Boots – for every trip! Easy to put on and take off – good strong Velcro – a set of four – 2 front and 2 hind – well fitted to cover hocks & knees. Ideal for protecting your horses legs during transportation. Available in Navy, Black or...

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