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    Girth Neoprene

    Girth Neoprene : Great Quality Soft black neoprene all purpose girth with elastic ends on one side. These are super girths and they are so well priced! Good quality, comfortable for your horse, smart & easy to clean...

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    Halters & Lead Ropes worn by BLUE STEEL EQUESTRIANS YELLOW SUBMARINE: Beautiful halters with padded poll and nose sections. Available in Black, Royal Blue and Hunter Green – includes a matching lead rope.  A Durable & Comfortable Halter for your...

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    Haynet Economy

    Haynet Economy A good, quality haynet that prevents fodder from falling on the ground in a stable, paddock or horse box. Available in blue and red....

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    Lead Chain Leather in Brown or Black

    Lead Chain Leather – made of high quality leather. The chain serves as extra security and is perfect for horses that like to chew the end of their leads. These leads are available in black with a chrome chain and brown with a brass...

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    Lead Ropes Various

    Good quality leads ropes designed for comfort and strength.

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    Lunging Rope

    Lunging Rope : Cushioned Web Lunge Rope. Super fabric to hold, no rope burns, with good strong clips & funky...

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    Mesh Fly Mask

    Mesh Fly Mask : Fantastic high quality fly mask, extremely durable offering protection over the ears and nose. Available in S, M, L, XL and XXL. (NO STOCK ON MEDIUM & XL AT THE...

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    PRESSPLUS Massage Machine

    PRESSPLUS Massage Machine is a handheld, portable massage machine. It comes in a protective bag and has many attachments which are used for different areas of the body. The machine is battery operated and come with a plug in...

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    Tail Guard

    A High quality tail protector. This tail guard is  durable with a cushioned area at the top of the tail. Velcro straps are...

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    Trail Bag

    Trail Bag in orange – with side paniers and zip pockets – perfect for the outride or trail ride

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