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    Blue Steel Team Cap

    Join our fun team by wearing our lovely navy brushed cotton cap with a velcro fastening at the back.  One size fits...

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    Designed for comfort, style and affordability. Made from high quality materials. Perfect for horse show & home riding use! Designed for comfort and smart look. Colour: Black and...

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    Chaps Leather Adult

    Chaps Leather Adult – has an elasticated section it fits most legs.  A good quality zipper allows for durability.  An elastic piece which goes under the heal of your boot prevents sliding up.  A good affordable essential part of the riders wardrobe. Size: Large Colour:...

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    Cowboy Hat

    Cowboy Hat – Lovely leather hats which are available in Brown or Black

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    Girth Neoprene

    Girth Neoprene : Great Quality Soft black neoprene all purpose girth with elastic ends on one side. These are super girths and they are so well priced! Good quality, comfortable for your horse, smart & easy to clean...

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    Halters & Lead Ropes : Beautiful halters with padded poll and nose sections. Available in Black, Royal Blue and Hunter Green – includes a matching lead rope.  A Durable & Comfortable Halter for your...

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    Haynet Burgundy

    Haynet Burgundy A good, strong quality haynet. Haynet keeps hay from falling on the ground in the...

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    Haynet Economy

    Haynet Economy A good, quality haynet. Haynet keeps hay from falling on the ground in the stable....

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    Kids Leather Chaps

    Great quality kids leather chaps. Perfect for home and riding school use. Colours: fun colours and black. CHAPS SIZING: Length/Ankle/Calf/Knee 8 – 29.5/21/22/24.5 10 – 30.5/20.5/22.5/25 12 – 32/22/23.5/26 14 – 34/24/26/28 16 –...

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    Lead Ropes Various

    Good quality leads ropes designed for comfort and strength.

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    Lunging Rope

    Lunging Rope : Cushioned Web Lunge Rope. Super fabric to hold, no rope burns, with good strong clips & funky...

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    Lycra Hoodie

    Lycra Hoodie has a zip closure which is easy to use as well as an easy and comfortable surcingle and loop for fastening. These hoodies are great for keeping your horse clean and your plaits neat and tidy.  Comes in a Navy color only Sizes available;  Small, Medium, Large and...

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    Mesh Fly Mask

    Mesh Fly Mask : Fantastic high quality fly mask, extremely durable offering protection over the ears and nose. Available in S, M, L, XL and...

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    Passport Holders

    Passport Holders are perfect for keeping your passports & documents protected. Colours: Blue, Green, Black and Brown...

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    Tail Guard

    A High quality tail protector. This tail guard is  durable with a cushioned area at the top of the tail. Velcro straps are...

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    The Horsebox Camera System

    The Horsebox Camera System is a wireless system which has a camera view up to 3m. The camera distance from the monitor is up to 100m and has a battery life of 4 hours. The camera system comes with a monitor with sound, 1 x Day/Night camera with mic, 2 x Window Mounts, 2 x 12v in car chargers. This system requires NO installations, just Plug and...

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    Trucking Boots

    Protective Trucking Boots – for every trip! Easy to put on and take off – good strong Velcro – a set of four – 2 front and 2 hind – well fitted to cover hocks & knees. Ideal for protecting your horses legs during transportation. Available in Navy, Black or...

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